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  • Helicopter tours in Bell 206 L4
  • Small group tours in Bell 407 helicopter
  • Air charter tours to India in Augusta 109


If you would like a helicopter transfer to be arranged anywhere in India, contact us for suggestions and reservations. Read on for a variety of helicopters that can be made available in the Indian sub continent.

  • Bell 206 L4

  • Bell 206 Evolved from the legendary 206B-3, the Long Ranger 4 is a remarkable combination of power, room and range. This is the ultimate refinement to Bell’s classic design, an airframe legendary for reliability, with the power to perform as you have only imagined until now.
    The L-4 offers a comfortable, low-noise, low-vibration ride. This helicopter's strength is in intelligent design, reliable operation and balance between cost and capability. But the greatest value of the new 206L-4 is its virtue of being a Bell, the most trusted name in the industry.  Club seating allows face-to-face conversation and enhances outside visibility. Interior options can be suited to your tastes. A standard bi-fold double door accommodates the widest loads. A large luggage compartment adds to your convenience.
  • Engine Rolls-Royce 250-C30P
    Seating Seating
    Range 324 nautical miles / 3.7 hrs
    Cruising Speed 130 knots
    Interiors Wide opening doors, wide windows and a roomy cabin idea
  • Bell 407

  • Bell 407

    One of the smartest looking helicopters in the world today, the Bell 407 can outmaneuver as well as outclass most other helicopters in the skies today. It is designed to perform and persevere, with sports car like handling with exceptional high hover capability.

    The Bell 407 provides you with the smoothest ride among helicopters available today. It can fly for 3 hours non stop at a speed of 140 knots, while accommodating up to 5 passengers with superior comfort and space with its wide open club class seating. This gives you unparalleled passenger interactivity and visibility all around during the journey. The advanced composite panels of the helicopter ensure greater ruggedness and require lesser maintenance, hence assuring you of unmatched safety in the skies today.

  • Engine Rolls Royce 250-C-47B
    Seating Up to 5 passengers
    Cruising Speed 140 knots
    Interiors Deluxe Corporate seating with Air-conditioning
  • Augusta 109

  • Augusta 109 One of the fastest twin engine helicopters available, the Agusta 109 is the most popular twin engine helicopter among VIPs, seating up to six passengers. Over the years the A109 has been extensively updated and improved, but the introduction of the A109E POWER achieves new heights of comfort, speed and payload. The Power's improved safety standards make operations from restricted or elevated landing sites achievable, even at its maximum operative weight.
  • Engine Two Pratt & Whitney 206C or 2 Turbomeca Arrius 2K1 engines
    Seating Up to 6 passengers
    Range 512 nautical miles
    Cruising Speed 168 knots
    Interiors Wide opening doors, wide windows and a roomy cabin idea

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